The Homegrown Collection

Monday, March 23, 2020 to Monday, August 31, 2020

The Homegrown Collection was born out of a need to connect and share in a time of isolation. This is a community "sketchbook", a collection of work submitted by you, your neighbours and perhaps beyond. Enjoy it, share it and be inspired by it.

            Jen Onlock, Education Programs Manager





Week 3 (April 6 – April 10)

1. Theme:  The view from my window (Submitted by Deanna and Nathan)

I'm sure everyone can relate to this! Don't forget, this doesn't have to be realistic - it can be impressions of your street, or the world from within your home.

2. Theme:  Spring (Submitted by Nancy Leonard)

Let's celebrate the positive things are are going on outside of our homes! Excited to see the colours, freshness and optimism from this theme!

3. Theme:  Everyday objects

Want a challenge? FInd an object in your home that is very ordinary, functional, common, and make it the star of your piece. Portray a spoon as the most beautiful object we've ever scene, or your hairbrush as a menacing weapon! 

Our hope with this virtual sketchbook is that we see a beautiful variety of skill, creativity and thoughtfulness.
We want it all – from the small rough crayon drawing to the intricate little painting!

Questions? Suggestions? Submissions? Just want to reach out? Contact Jen at


Links and tips for inspiration WEEK 3:

1. The view from my window

2. Spring

3. Everyday objects



EACH MONDAY we will suggest 3 subjects for your projects – these are just suggestions. Do one, or do them all! Feel free to come up with your own. We also welcome suggestions for themes that we can include in future weeks! Just take a photo of your creation and send.

SEND US YOUR SUBMISSIONS BEFORE 2pm FRIDAY to make that wee's additions. Otherwise they will be placed in the next week's book.

EACH FRIDAY at 5pm we will update our digital sketchbook and share – something to look forward to at the end of the week!



Week 2 (March 30 – April 3)

1. Theme:  Earth Day Sculpture
2. Theme:  Self Portrait
3. Theme:  Collage

1. Earth Day Sculpture Thanks for this submission by Tiffani and Logan!
With Earth day coming up, and LOTS of recycled materials at home, we thought this was a great suggestion! Challenge yourself to create something beautiful from your blue bin. Use this opportunity to explore materials you otherwise might not have. Think about combining two of our subject suggestions - have FUN with it!

Links for inspiration:

2. SELF PORTRAIT Use a mirror in your house to draw what you see, or create a piece that represents you – things you love, your characteristics, things that are important to you. Maybe it’s just the outline of your head, your profile, or a full rendering. Is there one colour that says “you”, or does the rainbow sum you up? This doesn't have to be realistic - it's a representation of "you".

Links for inspiration:

3. COLLAGE This is a great medium for all abilities and limited access to materials! Use old magazines, newspapers, colourful wrapping paper, tissue paper, just about any paper material you have to overlap and combine shapes, colours, images. Use scissors or challenge yourself to only rip the materials. Use glue/tape to bring together many pieces to create one image. You can build it up from the background, or just freestyle it to create something pleasing to your eye.

Links for inspiration:


Week 1 (March 23 – 27)

1. Theme:  A HEART
2. Theme:  BIRDS
3. Theme:  YOUR TOWN

This week’s Tips and Tricks:

1. A HEART: We thought this might be a good place to start our community sketchbook! A simple shape that can be represented in so many ways. Use your feelings to decide how you want to share your heart. It can be red, blue, purple, green – whatever colour you feel! It can be soft and light or bright and bold – you decide. It can be made of paper, plasticine, yarn or Lego. You get the picture – just have fun with it and be creative!

Links for inspiration:

2. BIRDS: Think freedom, flight and sound. It’s spring and you can hear the birds outside your window! There are so many shapes and sizes to explore.

Links for inspiration:

3. OUR TOWN: This might be a great opportunity to use some of those toilet paper roles you have at home! Create some of your favorite shops or buildings. Use other recycled materials to make cars, trees, people. Or maybe it’s an image of something that makes your town unique – it can be more abstract or graphic.

Links for inspiration: