Annual Juried Exhibition

April 5, 2014 to May 3, 2014

This year's jury, Kendra Ainsworth, assistant curator at the Art Gallery of Mississauga,  Katharine Harvey, award winning painter and sculptor, and Kevin Yates artist and associate professor at York University , distilled a record number of submissions (290) from a field of 160 artists into this year's exhibition  with 29 artworks by 26 artists. Painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, ceramics and mixed media works are all represented expressing a spectrum conceptual approaches of and techniques. Juror's Choice awards were given to artists Mina Ao, Jason Brown,  Jill Price,  and Andrew Testa. You are invited to come visit the gallery and cast your vote for the Peoples Choice Award which will be given out at the end of the exhibition.

Juror's comments:

There was a broad spectrum of submissions overall both in terms of medium and skill of the artists that allowed us to be judicious in our selection.  The final selection leaves a lot of really strong pieces.

Some artists were not included due, in some cases, to the size of the exhibition space, not necessarily to the calibre of the work. We saw potential in some of the works that were not selected. The works that were chosen have a really strong presence to them that spoke about the subject and the content of the work and the professionalism.

There was a lot of experimentation going on. We were impressed with some of the odd use of media. We were looking at technical expertise although there were a lot of pieces that didn’t get into the show that also had a lot of technical prowess. We were looking for some conceptual ideas or some play between different media or using a medium in a new way. 

There was a sense of more experimentation in some of the pieces chosen than in some of the others  – there was both a freedom and a confidence to go with that freedom within the medium.

When we started to pull these works out, we were pleasantly surprised; there were so many good works. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of overlap since this exhibition was open to artists all over the province – that is exciting. There were some really strong works

Technical expertise, technical ability was important. We chose work that was pretty representational and tight as far as the execution of it. Some of the work is very bold. There will be some really interesting comparisons going on.

Regarding  a lot of the works that weren’t chosen, artists should be encouraged to come back with new ideas. There is so much potential for these artists to develop.

It‘s going to be an impressive show.

Participating Artists: Mina Ao, Hal Bilz, Jason Brown, Andrea End, Eric Field, Graham French, Jessica Hein, Susan Lindo, Alison Judd, Andrew Kulin, Cate McGuire, Liz Menard, Laura Mills, Allan O'Marra, Jill Price, Lorraine Parow, Jeanie Pappas, Paul Saari, Lauren Satok, Keith Shearsby, Keijo Tapanainen, Bob Tunnoch, Andrew Testa, Gregory Varano, Carol Wescott and Michael Zarowsky