Images 2012/2013: ALTITUDE
Graduating art class of SDSS
December 13, 2012 to January 5, 2013

The graduating art class at Stouffville District Secondary School have once again brought their fabulous creativity to the Latcham Gallery for the whole of the Whitchurch-Stouffville community to enjoy.  Equipped with skills acquire

Made to Measure: and more ideas on space
Andrea Carvalho
November 3, 2012 to December 8, 2012

Andrea Carvalho grew up surrounded by the everyday materials used to construct our built environments. Her father was a builder and there were always leftover and scavenged materials around the house that became her playthings.

Brad Isaacs
September 20, 2012 to October 27, 2012

For the past two years Brad Isaacs has been conducting photo based research into the holdings of some of North America’s most esteemed museums of natural history including the Royal Ontario Museum, the Canadian Museum of Nature, th

What Bonds Are These?
Beth Stuart
August 2, 2012 to September 15, 2012

For the works in her exhibition What Bonds Are These?, Beth Stuart has drawn heavily on recent research into an ancient Danish weaving technique called sprang.

Nobuo Kubota, Louise Noguchi, Naomi Yasui and Akira Yoshikawa
June 14, 2012 to July 28, 2012

The Latcham Gallery is very excited to host TransFormal – a group exhibition with four Japanese- Canadian contemporary artists whose work touches in some way the idea of transformation.

Celebrations: The Young at Art
May 30, 2012 to June 9, 2012

The full spectrum of artistic expression by local children is on display on our gallery walls for the next 9 days.