To Be

Deborah Colvin and Frank Smith
October 14, 2006 to December 9, 2006

In the To Be exhibition, Deborah Colvin and Frank Smith explore what it means to exist in the world. Despite the negative news headlines and often devastating current events, Colvin and Smith embrace the beauty that can be found in the trivial whether that be in newspaper ads or abandoned landscapes. The artists’ approaches to this philosophical reflection are manifest in their similar sensitivities when addressing the questions regarding our existence. Both artists work from spiritual perspectives to discover the purpose behind our existence and the marks we leave on this earth.

While Deborah Colvin and Frank Smith’s artworks provide meditations on their personal sensitivities, the artworks seem to reflect the beauty and sadness that we are capable of creating in our own lives. To Be encompasses subtle contemplations along with direct references to our natural tendencies as creators, destroyers, meditators, and revivers.