At the corner with Irene Bindi and Aston Coles

Irene Bindi and Aston Coles, curated by Collin Zipp.
January 23, 2016 to March 5, 2016

At the corner is a mixed media exhibition featuring work by Irene Bindi and Aston Coles. Using collage, video and installation Bindi and Coles reference screen based experiences that challenge and reinterpret the notion of the filmic. Irene Bindi uses 16mm film stills of everyday household items as her source materials in her collages, composing them with hundreds of pieces of coloured paper. Not adhering to a representational pallette to reproduce her subjects, the images begin to break down and the stacks of books, heaps of clothes and other everyday items she has drawn upon for these works morph into an electrified abstraction. Aston Coles’ installation Shark Purse Area uses light and shadow with elegant simplicity. A band of light emerges from beneath the baseboards and pours into the room across the floor and against the opposing wall only to retreat again to its spot… pause, repeat. The effect is hypnotic like the crashing of waves upon a beach.  While the artists work independently, a similar cohesive theme emerges: a revision of the screen. Unifying their works is an expanded sense of how film and more importantly, the act of how one experiences film, is defined. This exhibition explores an abstract picture of cinema, turned inside out and re-imagined as film without film.   Image info: Irene Bindi, 16 - 4,  paper collage, 2015