HOME: Stories from here

Rosemary Sloot, Andrew Gugan and Vicky Talwar
May 29, 2014 to July 12, 2014

HOME: Stories From Here is an exhibition featuring the work of three first generation Canadian artists whose experiences growing up with parents from other countries inform the work they do. Through their art Rosemary Sloot, Andrew Gugan and Vickey Talwar explore a range of experiences, emotional terrains, and complexities that are unique to first generation Canadians. The push and pull of cultural allegiances can be a struggle for many children of immigrants as they endeavor to forge their own identities within Canada’s multi cultural framework. The struggle itself can be a major component in the creation of those identities and how they express themselves. Works on canvas, sculpture and photography will occupy the gallery, giving visitors a glimpse into the sometimes complex paths first generation Canadians have to navigate.