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senior students from Stouffville District Secondary School
January 8, 2015 to January 24, 2015

Painting, scuplture, drawing, photography and video from the senior art classes of Ms. Onlalee Creasor and Ms. Dawn Mossop at Stouffville District Secondary School.

When connecting to a website, your computer must first send a request, and if the requested website appears then that request has been granted. In very simple terms this is how the internet works. It is an intricate web of queries and responses all communicated within the blink of an eye. However, if the website you were searching for from the previous scenario fails to appear, the request has not found its destination - your query has been lost and you will receive an error message.
This years grade twelve graduating art class from Stouffville District Secondary School has been able to connect this concept to a much larger picture: relating it to the act of searching and questioning, which are very human traits, along with the realization that some queries may never get a response.
The concept is directly applicable to the artistic process itself. Through art making, the students have attempted to make sense of themselves and the world around them using media that can be easily manipulated. Through an array of assigned projects these young artists have explored their growing perceptions and in the process have been able to gain a more dimensional insight into their own values.
Each exhibiting artist in error_404 image not found has injected their own curiosity in the artworks on display - whether it be curiosity towards the future or concerning the universe at large, each work contains something uniquely their own.
It is a very human trait, to send questions into the void, not knowing what, if any, response you will receive. Sometimes you begin a journey with only one outcome in mind just to arrive at a different destination altogether, perhaps one more desirable than your original plan. Many times, you reach a hurdle you cannot jump over or an unforeseen dead end in which case, you simply must try again. This formula is followed in all things: in life, in art, and in the near instantaneous communications that connect your computer to the rest of the world.

from the senior art classes of Ms. Onlalee Creasor and Ms. Dawn Mossop

this exhibition is genersously sponsored by:

the Stouffville Lion's Club
Button, Armstrong & Ness
and Giles Chevrolet