Images 2017: Wildflowers

Graduating Students From Stouffville District Secondary School
January 11, 2017 to January 21, 2017

Images 2017 - WildFlowers
January 11 - 21, opening reception Wednesday January 11, 7pm
Our annual exhibition showcasing the excellent artwork from students in the graduating art class at Stouffville District Secondary School. Images is generously sponsored by The Stouffville Lions Club and Button, Armstrong & Ness.

Class Statement:
Wildflowers, like artists, are unconventional.  Each of us is different, we refuse to grow in rows, and we are resilient.  No matter how far our seeds are scattered as the winds of change blow upon us, we remain rooted in what grounds us.  Our inspiration, imagination, and the sense of community we receive from our art is what nourishes us. 

Sometimes we are overlooked.  Certain flowers are unable to live in captivity, but sometimes we are pressed in books to dry.  After seeing them in their natural habitat, none of them look quite right while sitting in a vase.  Wildflowers, like artists, are most beautiful when encountered in their natural element.  In the life of a wildflower, seeds find homes and nourishment from many different sources.  This transitionary period is finite, it will not last.  Our seeds will sprout and new roots will take hold, but the old shall never be forgotten.

Nonetheless, our art is beautiful because it stems from the emotion and inspiration we experience in ‘the moment’.  Each moment is small but meaningful, as is the evanescence of the transition period.  As life pushes and pulls us in all directions, the shadows we cast will always point towards tomorrow and our stems will not break no matter how much strain is inflicted.

Samantha Dunlop