Jacquelin Heichert
January 12, 2013 to February 16, 2013

The exhibition The Matrix of Choice at The Latcham Gallery examines and highlights the concepts and processes involved in making a decision through a collection of bookworks, prints and sculptural works. The exhibition explores different ranges, approaches and perspectives on the notion of a decision from logical and rational to illogical, arbitrary, portable and contemplative. The pieces within this exhibition work with nostalgic decision-making game/tool references such as fortune-tellers, game board pieces and toy packaging. These references essentially become access points to which more symbolic aspects of the human experience can be examined and the degrees and implications that choices have on our everyday life can be highlighted.
      The pieces within this exhibition are varied in material and conceptual concerns and while each piece is referred to as a decision making tool, the climatic point of their reference - the decision - is buried or enclosed, never to be revealed. In this way the tools become futile and at the same time open up possibilities of choosing and decision making rather than limiting the process with a finite resolution. The works and their references become regular everyday objects. They are not imbued with a sense of authority as decision-making tools can sometimes seem but rather they are objects for subjective interpretation. Anything can be a decision maker depending on how you look at; a spinner, a coffee cup lid or a piece of a pattern.  In this way the works within the exhibition speak to a specific moment in time before a decision has come to fruition - a moment between a question and an answer, and in doing so reveals processes of consciousness and interior dialogues that surface when choosing or deciding.
      The works within this exhibition expand upon and react to a modern crisis; they speak to an anxiety at a time when there is a proliferation of choice in a wide spectrum of subjects and for which rational factors and implicit reacting will no longer suffice as a response. They examine and highlight the concepts of choice and decision making that upon further contemplation become more complicated, weighted and powerful than they initially seem. Through this investigation more symbolic aspects of the human experience can be explored and examined such as cultural practices, rituals and value systems. Ultimately, The Matrix of Choice investigates and traces different aspects of choice, choosing and decision making in everyday life and in doing so bring forth underlying narratives that delve into political, existential and phenomenological discourses.

Stouffville, Ontario born and raised Jacquelin Heichert holds a BFA (with honours) from York University and is currently completing her MFA at Concordia University in Montreal. She has exhibited her work in Ontario, Quebec and in Japan at the Kyoto Municipal Museum in Kyoto. She is currently employed at Concordia University as an instructor in their printmaking department.

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