Memory Drawings

Robert Houle
October 1, 2016 to November 12, 2016

Robert Houle: Memory Drawings
The Latcham Gallery is honoured to present this exhibition by Anishinaabe artist Robert Houle titled Memory Drawings. The powerful imagery in this series of Houle’s oilstick on paper drawings reflects the artist’s memories of his time spent at residential school at the Sandy Bay First Nation / Kawikwetawankak, Manitoba in the early 1960’s. The works are both direct and ethereal, presenting recalled fragments of trauma that are sparingly and painfully captured. The 27 pieces in the exhibition each confront us with a stark memory unearthed from the artist’s experience. Taken as a whole they stand as a personal record of the trauma endured while at the Sandy Bay residential school.

The Gallery wishes to thank Robert Houle for sharing this personally and culturally significant work with us here in our Stouffville community. It is our hope that this challenging and powerful exhibition opens a space for dialogue and further understanding as it reflects the painful legacy that the residential school system in Canada has had on our Indigenous communities.

The Gallery also wishes to offer thanks to The School of Art Gallery at the Univeristy of Manitoba and The Aboriginal Art Centre at Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada from whom all the works in the exhibition was borrowed and to The Cananda Council for the Arts for their support in producing this exhibition.


All photos by Toni Hafkenscheid