Parables and Paradoxes

Daniel Crawford and Mathew Borrett
November 19, 2016 to January 6, 2017

Parables and Paradoxes, Daniel Crawford and Mathew Borrett
November 19 - January 6, 2017, opening reception Saturday November 19, 1pm

As you walk through the doors of the Latcham Gallery prepare to be totally immersed in imaginative worlds that unfold with colossal narrative potential. 

Stories take many forms: tales, yarns, legends, myths, jokes, scripture, chronicles etc.  In today’s cultural landscape narratives of many kinds manifest in a myriad of different ways as well. There are the traditional forms like theatre, opera, books, (novels and short stories, of course, fiction and non-fiction), and newer forms like movies, animation and graphic novels, but I would go further and suggest that music, web based platforms, video games, and here for this exhibition, drawings (digital and otherwise), paintings and installation are also legitimate frameworks for the dissemination of narrative structures. The suggestion of multiple potential storylines are inescapable as you move through the works presented here by Daniel Crawford and Mathew Borrett. In many ways the two artists in Parables & Paradoxes could be viewed as taking completely opposite approaches to their creative output. But the points of contact they share are impossible to miss as we consider their super-sized maxamilist sensibilities as well as their commitment to the viewer and our ability to derive our own stories from the imagery presented.

Both Crawford and Borrett are engaged in a kind of meta world building through their art. Both use a unique approach in their respective production that pulls the viewer in with what could be described as an obsessive and overwrought but a decidedly virtuosic ability. The importance of presenting a visual framework wherein the viewer is able to generate thier own narrative with regard to the work is also apparent in both artists’ approaches. What are the stories that we construct here, and what can they tell us about ourselves and our world?

Daniel Crawford's work springs from a fascination with narrative in all its forms: inspired by art's power to share ideas while providing entertainment and evoking wonder, he has developed his capacity for expression through an Honours BA in Literature at Trent and an interdisciplinary BFA at NSCAD. Crawford has shown installations, paintings and films in galleries, public spaces and theatres, both nationally and internationally. He currently lives and practices in Peterborough where he also teaches art classes for youth and adults.

Mathew Borrett is a Toronto-based artist and illustrator who has worked in the visual effects industry for TV and film. Recently he has been exploring ways to blend his work in traditional drawing with digital techniques. He graduated from the illustration program from the Ontario College of Art & Design in 1998 and has shown his work extensively in Toronto and Ontario. He is a member of Red Head Gallery in Toronto.