RESONANCE: Our Annual Juried Exhibition

March 12, 2016 to April 30, 2016

The Latcham Gallery is very excited to present RESONANCE, this year’s Annual Juried Art Exhibition.

This event is a favourite among our gallery visitors and very much anticipated by the region’s art community. The exhibition offers artists an opportunity to have their work evaluated by a group of jurors chosen from art educators, gallery professionals as well as professional artists. It also offers the public the opportunity to see the work of a wide spectrum of emerging Ontario artists. This year's selection of outstanding works of art has painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, ceramics, textiles  and sculpture.

Exhibiting artists this year are

Peter Adams
Val Ashbourne
Daniella Boerhof
Petar Boskovic
Katie Bruce
Pauline Bradshaw
Iwona Dufaj
Brian Deignan
Laurie Foote
Marco Francisco
Graham French
Bill Hornbostel
Florin Hategan
Samar Hejazi
Diana Hillman
Peter Kashur
Momin Khan
John Kransinski
Zoe Lefort
Cate McGuire
Peter McLennan
Liz Menard
Ray McNeice
Allan O'Marra
Nadine Prada
Heather Rigby
Ray Shivrattan
Bob Tunnoch
Keijo Tapanainen
Sally Thurlow
Katja van den Enden
Greg Van Sickle
Carol Wescott

This exhibition has been generously sponsored by Stouffville IDA Pharmacy

Additional award co-sponsors are: 
Artephile Stouffville Picture Framing Studio 
Thicketwood Veterinary Hospital
The Latcham Gallery Board of Directors


The Best in Show Award this year was given out to Bob "Omar" Tunnoch for his oil on linen piece Find the Golden Toad

Juror's awards were given out to:
Katie Bruce for her sculpture in bronze Cheir Ourgia
Florin Hategan for his linocut Subject #8
Diana Hillman for her oil, pencil and chalk work The River ll (flight series)
Cate McGuire for her collage with back painted glass piece Mind's Eye


Juror’s Comments 2016

The jurors were impressed by the caliber of the submissions and liked the fact that there was no theme, that the show was open as far as subject matter and media.

The works selected had a resonance to them they stayed with me when I turned away, so I could remember the imagery or the style or the way in which they were painted or photographed or drawn.

The jurors looked at technique, quality of the composition, content, the braveness, creativity and originality. They selected works that were intriguing by subject matter or the execution was amazing.

I have seen a lot of work that is promising but am looking for the work that goes beyond being promising….that has a level of maturity.

When we were having a discussion about pieces, there were times when another jury member brought up something that I hadn’t thought of and that is such a wonderful part of the process. It was very rewarding to get your mind working in a way that you might not normally think and then you appreciate those pieces in another way.

The jury commented that award winners were really innovative in their use of material as well as subject matter - pushing a boundary with material to create an image.

About the Best in Show:
There’s a bit of quirkiness and humour in the piece we chose for Best in Show. The scale seemed appropriate to the content. It raises a lot of questions – are we at a fair? are we in a domestic space? It is a very intriguing painting, seductive at the same time because of the play of the lighting, the placement of the shadows. It is technically impeccable.

Number of artists who submitted:  124
Number of art works submitted: 228
Number of works selected: 34 works by 33 artists